Welcome to Bapuji Academy of Management & Research

Bapuji Academy of Management & Research (BAMR) is a flagship of Bapuji Educational Association, offering two years MBA Programme. The programme aims to build leadership capabilities among management students through holistic integrated learning. To achieve these goals, BAMR emphasize three inter-related components; “knowing”, “doing” and “being”. To enrich the knowledge of students a mixed pedagogy such as case studies, simulation, discussions, presentations, role plays, project work are used to enhance the teaching-learning experience. Institute also extends a special skill development training programme for developing managers and leaders who transform organization’s and contribute to society. Students are provided with an opportunity of outbound learning programme which will instill the importance of group performance for one’s success. To promote civility, society centric activities are given priority which help students to be more responsible towards resources.


To be recognized as premier management institution that is dedicated to educational excellence and prepare our students with required skills to meet the challenges of both domestic and globalised business environment .


Developing effective and responsible managers by providing the managerial / leadership skills with insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in dialogue with world around us.

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