In the first year of MBA Programme, all the students take the same course together and the diverse inputs on Accounts, Marketing, Finance, Organizational behavior and Economics, challenge the students to see deeply into fundamental business practices and the underlying forces that make them work.

The curricular balances practical solutions with the development of broad perspective and conceptual skills, students learn to use an array of academic disciplines analyze them and understand key business issues. Course work will prepare them to analyze situations, identifying problems, create solutions and implement them within the context of an organization. The result is a programme that combines the study of key conceptual frameworks and the application of those frameworks to the business issues of today.

In the second year, in addition to a few advanced courses in the core areas, students have the choice to specialize and develop competencies in one of the following areas Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance related area as prescribed by the University.

At BAMR, the programme also organizes students into study groups of five to seven members that work on assignments and present as a team. This tight group format helps to create life long professional and personal relationship among students. It also closely replicates the real world business, which operates through co-operation and team work.


MBA. Core I-1
Management Process and Practices
MBA. Core I-2
Organizational Behavior
MBA. Core I-3
Business Communication
MBA. Core I-4
Production and Operations Management
MBA. Core I-5
Accounting for Managers
MBA. Core I-6
Managerial Economics
MBA. Core I-7
Quantitative Techniques


MBA. Core II-1
Management Science
MBA. Core II-2
Marketing Management
MBA. Core II-3
Business Law
MBA. Core II-4
Human Resource Management
MBA. Core II-5
Financial Management
MBA. Core II-6
Research Methodology
MBA. Core II-7
Management Information systems & Computer Applications


MBA. Core III-1
Entrepreneurial Development and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME’S)
MBA. Core III-2
Project management
MBA. Core III-3
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
MBA. Core III-4
In plant Training
MBA. Core III-5
FM: Working capital management
MM: Consumer Behavior
HRM: Human Resource Planning & Performance Management
MBA. Core III-6
FM: Financial Services
MM: Sales and Retailing Management
HRM: Industrial Relations and Legal Framework
MBA. Core III-7
FM: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MM: Advertising and Brand Management
HRM: Employee Training and Development


MBA. Core IV-1
Strategic Management & Business Policy
MBA. Core IV-2
Management Control System
MBA. Core IV-3
International Business
MBA. Core IV-4
Computer Applications/Project work
MBA. Core IV-5
FM: Corporate Taxation
MM: E-commerce and web designing
HRM: Compensation Management
MBA. Core IV-6
FM: Financial Derivatives
MM: Industrial & Services Marketing
HRM: Managing Interpersonal and Group Process
MBA. Core IV-7
FM: International Financial Management
MM: International Marketing Management
HRM: Organizational Development

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