Business Lab

The institute has always attached special importance to the use of Information Technology by the academic community. It’s state-of-the art IT facilities are perhaps the best among the premier Institutes of Management studies in the region. The computing center helps students in gathering relevant information from the global resources and prepares them with a framework to build their knowledge. As part of the efforts to develop centers of excellence in different areas of management, the computing facilities support teaching, research and training activities. The hardware resources of the institute include Wire-less networking (Campus wide Wi-Fi network), Network servers, Dedicated Internet and Intranet email services, Laptop’s with Wi-Fi network, Desktop PCs, Multimedia PCs, Photo Scanners, DVD/CD-writers and Laser Printers etc. All the computing tools are interconnected through a switch based network with 100 MBPS backbone and 100MBPS  dedicated access using fiber optic cable (OFC) and CAT6 cables. Internet access is provided using leased Technology connectivity of 150 Mbps.

Digital Language Lab

A revolutionary concept to master intelligible English with a global accent and also acquire proficiency in multiple foreign languages, OréllTalk is a user-friendly language learning software. It helps management students to enhance their written, Oral, and presentation skills efficiency with ready-made teaching aides and courses.