Outbound Activity

Study tour for Outbound activity was scheduled for 21-23 batch MBA students on 25-02-2023 to 01-03-2023 in the nature stay of Pegasus campus Pondicherry.

Founded in 1997, Pegasus is now a pan-India institution, present in Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Dehradun & Pondicherry. The program Structured Experiential Learning (SEL): SEL involves fun-filled activities that stimulate real-life situations & are conducted in a controlled, risk-free & non-threatening environment.

Synergistic Andragogy: is an interactive, experience-based approach to adult learning that brings together the joint efforts & combined energies of an entire team for more effective absorption of knowledge Learning Immersion: method that caters to all the natural learning modalities of a person (feeling, thinking and experiencing), and facilitates the presence of all three learning sources (self, others, and nature or the universe)